Sunday, November 8, 2009

Farm Ville - The Farmer's Delight

It was Vishakha who introduced me to this Farm Ville Game in Facebook. I am not so active in facebook inspite of having a few important people in it. However, after I started playing farmville, I am mostly hooked up to this page,  looking at my farm, harvesting crops and buying new animals, trees and other stuff for my farm. The game is deadly addictive apart from being very interesting. It increases a sense of commitment within and is a great stress buster.

 We derive great sense of accomplishment as we step up the levels and I personally loved this as it made me feel like a real time farmer. May be it is because I am from a village background. Once we plough the land, sow the seeds we have to wait untill the particular crop is grown.(They have set a gestation time for each type of crop. If we delay harvesting then the crop gets withered. :-( . Before understanding this game, my farm fresh strawberries got withered due to my forgetfulness.. not anymore you see)

 Once it is fully grown, we gotta harvest the crop.  We can grow veggies, fruits, grains and flowers in our farm! Whats more, we can also plant fruit bearing trees .

I bought livestock like cattle, sheep, goat and chicken in my farm. There is also a special provision to pet them. How cuuute..

We can buy  and gift accessories for the livestock like water trough, bird bath and fences for the farm. The game tries to evoke sense of responsibilty and also helping tendency.If our neighbours ask for help, we can go and help them out. Inturn they will come and help us in our farm by fertilizing our crops and getting rid of the insects. We can send gifts to our friends like fence, trees etc.

Sounds good? What are you waiting for ? Try it out. I bet you are all gonna have fun playing this game.
Dont forget to send me gifts!!!


Anonymous said...

I have wondered what this Farm Ville is.. finally got the answer. looks interesting. Will try.

Unknown said...

Even me too.... i hadn't tried that still and after reading your experience let me try

Ananya Mahadevan said...

Mittu, I strongly recommend this game. do try your hands on this.
Mahesh for a creative person like you, it is sure to give you immense satisfaction and joy. but aadithya velaiyaada viduvaana paarthukko. :-)

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