Thursday, November 19, 2009

மனம் ஒரு குரங்கு 10

In my last post it was an english heading with a tamil post. I thought this time, let me try a new post with tamil heading and an english post. he he.. No that is not it. The Tamil  transliteration feature of google stopped working for the past one week. I have been trying day in and day out. But it wont work. Hence I decided to write an english post for Manam oru Kurangu part 10.

Drama Dilemma:

Earlier this week, I have been constantly listening  to SVe Shekhar's comedy dramas. I was surprised that for some strange reasons, I seem to be sleeping only upon switching on these dramas. I mean some conversation puts me to sleep. I had been accustomed to these things long back when I was a kid. Mother bought Mahabharathatthil Mangaaatha in 1989 when TV was little dominant. I mean there were only 2 channels and Channel two always broadcasted documentaries sports etc excepting post 10.00PM dramas, songs and cinema shows. We listened to this Mahabharathatthil Mangaatha with great enthusiasm, ever since then, we both became a fan of SveShekhar. He was quick witted and though his dramas were a garland of jokes, we still enjoyed them a lot. As a next step, we were delighted when Bharani Audios in Chrompet Radhanagar had the video cassettes (VHS Versions)of many of Sve Shekhar's Comedy plays. We managed to watch Aayiram udhai vaangiya aburva sigamani, Adhirshtakkaaran, Kaattula Mazhai etc and rejoiced. Infact we hired the same cassettes over and over again especially when we had guests at home. My Chandru Pinny(Dad's youngest brother) was rolling with laughter upon seeing these dramas.Ever since then, we had been listening to all SVe Shekhar's Dramas. We waited eagerly in 1992 for his release of Periya Thambi which I consider as his best so far. It was a total mockery of foolish tamil movies which were super duper hits then. My sister and I enjoyed listening to this drama numerous times.  So, If he is to offer me or my sister a role to play in his play, we dont need any rehearsals you see.. We are all set for the show because we know all the dialogues bye heart!
Now, coming back to my drama addiction before sleeping, I have to necessarily play a drama as I slip into sleep. deeper and deeper as I sink into my sleep, the conversations get fainter and fainter. Sleep is really getting ecstacic but what happened.. suddenly I wake up only to find some song being played . Oh! the drama is over and I get up for some song. Now I have to turn off that song. Wish that drama couldve been longer...
Strange but true. People normally listen to songs and good music before going to bed. But I am addicted in such a way that I wake up upon the starting of a song... Strange but true.

The Galloping Horse :

Mother called ten days ago to say that keeping a Galloping horse would bring good vibes in the house. Though I believe in such vibrations, I find it very hard to convince my husband to buy anything that is artistic in the house. I always felt very conscious when I went to see the other houses in the neighbourhood. We never had any showpiece  at our house. This was an opportunity to convince him and buy a nice horse to decorate our ailing TV Almirah. (this almirah has all the Gods and Goddesses according to the Hindu Mythology). So I set out looking for a galloping horse. To my dismay, wherever I went, it was a big  :-(     NO NO.
I tried in almost all shops far and wide in Abudhabi. They dint have Horses. They had Camels and Elephants  and Monkeys and Birds.. But horses???? Naaaah.. Grrr.... I had to meet a consultant the other day. I returned walking back home due to the non availability of taxis in abudhabi. I found a shop called hyper market in Najda Street. I asked the Philippino sales girl if they have a gallopping horse at their store. She smiled and said Yes. "Turrrrn right and you will find horses there". I did, and what do I see? a huuuuuuge horse gigantically placed on a steel stand. Honestly speaking our little single bedroom apartment cant hold such big statues you know.. he he.. I thanked the girl and left the place quietly.
So I almost gave up the idea of buying a horse. We normally buy all grocery from our nearest supermarket Al falah plaza. We get all glorious Indian vegetables in this store and it is just a few yards away from our building.  So asusual to buy some adhoc veggies we had been to Al Falah Plaza last week. We needed to buy some stationery so had to peep into other segments of the store. There... We were thrilled to see the beautiful white horse galloping . It was not only handy but also very beautiful. We had been looking for this horse all over abudhabi. Phew.! it was so relieving when we instantly bought the horse and decorated it in our almirah. It proudly gallops near our TV. We dont watch TV anymore!

Second CD:

I was standing in Capital Videos Passport Road when a man came to the shop. As he was looking at what movie to take, with lot of grief he said, Kandhasami second CD dint work properly. Lot of disturbance. I couldnt stop laughing. I left the place immediately thinking, "CD work aayittaa mattum...."

Vidiyaa Moonji :

There is this  All in All Azhaguraja in our building. He is a Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Painter and what not. He is omnipresent in almost all the houses in our building. I do admire his Multi faceted talents, however, I call him 'Vidiyaa Moonji' because whatever we ask for, he would deny it prima facie. He would right away say "NO, IT CANT BE DONE" even if it is as easy as changing a bulb. Moreover we have to follow up with our Nathur(Watchman of the building) numerous times before having this vidiyaamoonji in our place for fixing the various problems that arise from time to time. Recently I have been chasing him to get our apartment whitewashed. Asusual he is not turning up as promised. Even if he comes, I am confident, he would leave one portion of the house without whitewashing due to some disagreement. He would say, "yahaan paint naheen kar sakte". Most important feature of vidiyamoonji is that he wouldnt drop a smile even after getting twice or thrice the cost of his services.

Joke of the Day:

I had been trying to post this article ever since I posted 'Finding Swapna'. I was all excited that I recieved comments immediately after posting that article. I told my husband, Na, I got three comments within 2 hours of posting finding Swapna. He said without waiting for a moment, So they mustve commented asking you not to write such posts again isnt it? Grrr... nara nara...


Unknown said...

அக்கா.... ஆச்சரியமான விஷயம் என்னவென்றால் கடந்த வாரம் நானும் இரவில் தூங்கப்போகும் போது S. Ve சேகரின் நாடகங்களை போட்டுவிட்டு தான் படுக்கிறேன். நாடகம் முடியும் வரை முழித்திருப்பது இல்லை என்ற போதும் ஏதோ ஒரு சந்தோஷமான சிரிப்புடன் அந்த நாளை முடிப்பது நன்றாகவே உள்ளது. என்னுடைய சாய்ஸ் - யாமிருக்க பயமேன், பெரிய தம்பி மற்றும் சின்ன மாப்பிள்ளை பெரிய மாப்பிள்ளை....

குதிக்கும் குதிரை - அக்கா நீயும் மூடநம்பிக்கைக்கு அடிமை ஆகிவிட்டாயா? ‘அக்‌ஷய திருதியை’ போல ‘ரம்பா திருதியை’யை World Gold Council விளம்பரப்படுத்துவது போல ஆகிவிட்டது. ரம்பா திருதியைக்கு புது தங்க வளையல் போடுவது நல்லதாம்... காலம் கலிகாலம்...

ஸ்வப்னா வர்கீஸுடன் நல்லபடியாக பொழுது போக்கிக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறாய் என்று நம்புகிறோம்...

Ananya Mahadevan said...

I am not superstitious. Please read my passage on the horse. I wanted it badly because there is nothing to decorate our almirah. Swapna is busy at work, She called me once and said she will meet up during weekend or so. Not sure though. Hoping to see her soon.

Anonymous said...

"Vidiya moonji"..Nice term Ananya!

"I have to necessarily play a drama as I slip into sleep. deeper and deeper as I sink into my sleep, the conversations get fainter and fainter"
Thoongarathuku ippadi kooda oru technique iruka? will try and see.

"I couldnt stop laughing. I left the place immediately thinking, CD work aayittaa mattum...."

Bad Aanaya! you must have told him. Poor guy!

Ananya Mahadevan said...

No Mittu, He had already seen the movie. He seemed to have loved the movie but he was extremely upset that the second CD dint work.

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