Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Vishakha

I wanted to deliberately write a seperate post in english for wishing Vishakha on her third wedding anniversary yesterday. I was so lost in my own world that I totally forgot the occassion. Thankfully she had to invite me for a party at India Palace Hotel here in Salam St. I was first hesitant because my husband had been to Dubai yesterday and was really wondering if he might be ok with this plan. Somehow he whole heartedly agreed to go for the party.

Vishakha is a very special friend of mine and one soul who is sinecerely there for me when I need her the most. She made a lot of difference in my life in Abudhabi. We used to work together earlier thankfully we are now thick friends and remain in touch. I had never been able to attend any special occasion of hers. Now was the chance to honor her invite.

Normally when it is a gathering of a friend's friends, it might not be that entertaining as first time meetings are not always that very easy going. Especially we Indians, take some time to get acquainted with people. But Vishakha and Praveen made all of us totally at home and we had a memorable time. The crowd was a blend of cultures and I was quite worried if we could really gel. But the gathering was more than what we really expected. It was fun filled with little Dishita, Yasmeen , Pruthvi  and another toddler crying, spilling, trying be naughtiest at their maximum levels.

To my sheer delight, Vishakha sat next to me and she was chatting with me while entertaining the other guests.  My husband was busy getting introduced to the other guys in the gathering. We ate the finest Indian food and had a gala time.

In my earlier posts, I had mentioned much about her. To refresh your memories, when I had severe acidity issues, it was Vishakha who rushed to my place with a pill (from India) without any delay to help me. I realised how she acted on just a stimulus. This is what I call empathy. Acting to help someone is exactly what empathy is and being empathetic is an inbuilt quality in her. I admire many of her qualities. One of them is her cookery styles. She would just prepare food in minutes. It would seem to us as if she dint put any effort in cooking but actually it is her expertise in cookery.. She would casually go into the kitchen and come back  with with delicious hot chapatis and bhaji in no time!. I have learnt quite a few recipes from her and all of them are instant success stories at my place.   She is very generous, forgiving, motherly towards me. If I have someone to lean on here, It would be her. Thanks Vishu for being my friend.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me take this opportunity to wish Vishakha and Praveen a very happy Anniversary and many more happy returns.


Anonymous said...

Good to have friends like her.. my wishes to your friend!

Unknown said...

Thanks a tonne Nimmi , thats so sweat of you to say such nice things abt me and my dear hubby and my lil angel dishu.U have a special place in my life and anything i do for you is nothing if compared with what you and your husband have done for me.I can never thank enough for your support and care you gave me when i needed it the most.I really really respect the two of you from the bottom of my heart.

I am lucky to have freinds like make me believe that the world is not that bad....there are still good people around you can trust and share your thick and thin with.

Thankyou Ananya and a very hearty thanks to Mr.Mahadevan too.

Ananya Mahadevan said...

Most welcome Vishu.. On any day.. :-)

Nan said...

Hi!I am glad that both of you have found true friendship in each other and have such a lot of admiration for one another.Vishakha - since I know her well is a kind hearted friend who will always go a long way in showing her love and care towards her family & friends.

The best part is that both of you have one another to enjoy, confide & inspire!

Cheers to that :) Nandita

Ananya Mahadevan said...

Thanks Nandita for your sweet comments, & thanks for visiting my blog too. :)

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